Fuck Yeah Life Hacks!

Anonymous said: Life hacks that relate to acne

A lot of the time acne is made worse by sleeping on a used pillowcase. Either change it every day or put a fresh towel over it before you sleep and your acne should clear up!

bicycle-droppings said: Got any bicycle-related hacks?

Write your name and address on a piece of paper and put it inside the handlebar of your bicycle so you can prove it’s yours if it gets stolen.

Anonymous said: For getting rid of hair on the upper lip of a girls face you said to bleach but how? Like get actual bleach and spread it on the face?

No. That would be very dangerous. You’d need to buy a special facial hair bleaching kit. The comany Jolen make exactly what youre looking for.

Anonymous said: i just put medical tape on my xbox controller sticks, and it really helps keep my thumbs from sliding, especially if I do extended gaming.