Fuck Yeah Life Hacks!

Anonymous said: Girl life hack! Make a face mask from yogurt and strawberry and honey, it will make your skin soft.:)

thirtyl8r said: Hey, I use this trick in my home to save money. I put a Bounce sheet in a spray bottle, fill it with some warm water, and spray it around the house as an air freshener. I'm not sure if anyone has thought about this yet, but I do it regularly now.

Anonymous said: Right before making a cup of tea, pour an inch of boiling water into the mug and leave for 30 seconds. This will get your mug hot, and keep your tea hotter for longer.

Anonymous said: Got any lifehacks for removing facial hair (girlstache :$) without waxing/shaving?

Bleaching would probably be your best option.




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Wow! This is actually really great, and most of these classes seem to have sets of videotaped lectures for the classes!


now that is something