Fuck Yeah Life Hacks!

Anonymous asked: What was the life hack to close a cereal box by folding it? I recall seeing it on this website.

Life hack! If you go through every page on this blog to look for the cereal box hack, you’ll learn a bunch of other life hacks!

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Anonymous asked: Agh yes bananas help bug bites i had about 15 bites on each arm from one night over the summer and i iced them and put banana peels on them and it helped! DONT ITCH

See, it works!

Anonymous asked: I once say a life hack of changing the url of a wikipedia page to something to get a simpler version of the page, but i forget what it was. Could you help?

Change this


To this!


Anonymous asked: could I offer some advice. Aloe Vera should be left in a cool dry place but NOT the fridge. If our skin is sunburnt or anything close, whatever you're using to treat it should be closer to room-temperature. The drastic change in temperature could be damaging. Same reason you don't apply ice to a burn but almost room-temperature water.